Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection

Ernest Hemingway's Favorites

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Flyfish the Hemingway way!  Ernest Hemingway's favorite set of flies! Based on family documentation, Ernest's favorite three-fly cast was a Woodcock Yellow and Green for a dropper, a Shrimp fly in the middle, and a worm fly or Coch-y-bondhu for a tail fly. 

Ernest Hemingway's favorites;

Coch-y-Bonddu: size 10

Freshwater Shrimp: size 8

Bloodworm: size 4

Product Details: Four (4) of Ernest Hemingway's favorite wet flies, in black mate3.5" x 3.5" x1.0” presentation box, with the Ernest Hemingway Inshore pewter logo. Weight: 1.2 oz.

Made in the USA.