About Us

The Hemingway Inshore Collection is the brainchild of Anthony Toro, a product designer, and saltwater fisherman. While musing on the possible contents of the writer’s famous, lost steamer trunk, he decided to approach the Hemingway descendants on creating an updated version of Hemingway’s favorite fishing gear into the modern world. While working with Hemingway, Ltd on researching Hemingway's favorite fishing equipment, along with the exhaustive help of the descendants of Ernest Hemingway, and Firstlight Brands – The Hemingway Inshore Collection was created. The inshore collection includes saltwater bamboo fly rods, composite saltwater fly rods and conventional inshore fishing poles, fly and conventional reels, inshore fishing boats, and other fine, inshore saltwater fishing equipment inspired by one of America’s most extraordinary writers. 

Our Mission:

The Hemingway Inshore collection was created to offer fishing equipment in the true spirt of Hemingway. It is our endeavor to create and design the most authentic equipment possible. While all present day Hemingway products are universally known for excellence, luxury and craftsmanship, Hemingway himself was believer of substance over style. Hemingway's ability to acquire only the finest equipment of his time, worldwide, is the foundation of our mission. At Hemingway Inshore, we strive for that ethos. Our mission is to create, design, and partner with only the finest inshore fishing products around the globe to be part of our inshore collection. While our products may change and evolve over time, to meet the demands of today's sport, our goal will remain the same: To offer a true Hemingway fishing experience to our clientele, and products that Hemingway himself, would approve of and use... all in the spirt of Hemingway. 

~Anthony Toro, The Hemingway Inshore Collection                

The spirit lives on:

The connection between Ernest Hemingway and the sea is universally understood. His reverence for the oceans and their creatures is plain for all to see. The sporting heritage that he passed on to his children has been faithfully preserved and enthusiastically practiced by subsequent generations in his lineage. We believe that we are not the only ones to inherit this spirit, but rather that we share it with all of the intrepid hunters, anglers, and truth seekers of the world. The most likely place for this is in the world of fishing. Our family’s tie to the angling world is unbreakable. The marketing association between Ernest Hemingway and the equipment necessary to catch the big one, is a match made in history.

The Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection is a brave new endeavor of our own; created to bridge this gap between readers, anglers, and a legendary lifestyle that can now be realized.

And so we, the descendants of Ernest Hemingway, emphatically endorse the EH Inshore Collection as a glowing example of the future of our brand. It is the tip of our spear, and the first step in bringing a timeless legacy back to the high seas and inshore waters where it belongs.

~Hemingway, Ltd.