Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection

Ernest Hemingway Striped Bass Fly Set

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The Ernest Hemingway ™ Striper Fly set. Striper flies are big and bold and are favorites for the northeastern angler. The Striper fly patterns are designed to match bait fish, a favorite prey for Stripers. Feeding stripers tend to attach schools of prey fish at the surface, making fly fishing for Stripers an exciting chance for the fly-fishing angler to hook into an inspiring catch. 

Striper Fly Collection:

The Cruiser: Size 1/0

Lefty's Deceiver; Size 1/0

Surf Candy: Size 1/0

Red Beard: Size 1/0

MushMouth: Size 1/0


Product Details: Five (5) expertly tied Striped Bass (Stripers) flies in black mate 7.25"x 5.75"x1.0" presentation box, with the Ernest Hemingway Inshore pewter logo. Weight: 1.2 oz. 

Made in the USA.