Ernest Hemingway Inshore Cooler

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Ernest Hemingway Inshore Coolers; Not your normal retail chain bought rotomolded cooler, but the real thing.  Our coolers are made for fisherman and guides in the Florida Keys since 1980's and  are designed to keep contents cold for days in our hot humid environments.  Our ice chests are built with superior insulation, airtight lids, weatherproof materials, and are tough enough for heavy commercial use.

Made in the USA. and are built to withstand a lifetime of rugged, outdoor exposure, and are unaffected by sun or salt spray.

Designed in the Florida Keys. Handmade in Florida.

The Ernest Hemingway Inshore Coolers are NOT rotomolded mass produced coolers, but are handmade and built to last a lifetime of abuse of shallow flats fishing in the Florida Keys. It can also be used a bow casting platform. 

Dimensions: 18"X18"X24" - 65 quarts

Each cooler is made hand laid fiberglass and is made to order. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. 


Made in the USA