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Ernest Hemingway, author of "Old man and the Sea," with his sons:  Patrick, Jack, and Greg and friends. Circa 1936 Key West Florida 
The Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection is proud to offer the first conventional rod and reel combo that bears the name Ernest Hemingway. This rod and reel is the first combo in our new Ernest Hemingway Signature Series.
The Ernest Hemingway Signature T30 (serial #001) is a  custom-made 30lb conventional rod paired perfectly with the Ernest Hemingway T30 reel.
The Ernest Hemingway T30 conventional rod is handmade in the USA.
The Ernest Hemingway T30 Conventional reel is made in Italy. 
Ernest Hemingway Inshore is located in Naples, Florida.
Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection - inshore fishing equipment, 
Fine coastal fishing products Inspired by the man that started it all. 
The Spirit Lives On!